Rocanini Coffee Roasters

I have always loved coffee, well since my teens for sure, I got my writing start by writing my first book “Vancouver’s Best Espresso Spots” many years ago. As I travel and explore neighborhoods around Vancouver, I always seek out the new cafes and roasteries. One café that I visited awhile ago was Rocanini in the heart of Steveston, it took much longer for me to visit their roastery in Vancouver which I did a couple of weeks ago.

I had a chance to sit with owner Frank over a double espresso and talk about coffee, as well as what Rocanini is striving for now and into the future. Frank has been involved in the coffee business for the past 13 years, he developed his interest by researching and reading as much as he could before he decided to open his roastery and café in Vancouver a few years ago. I asked him what Rocanini meant, and he said it’s in homage to Italian tradition, the name “Rocanini” has been derived from the Latin word for rock, roca—with a twist. The name communicates a foundation of both strength and presence.

Beyond serving premium, handcrafted beverages, at their cafe and roastery locations, Rocanini also offers a range of products designed for domestic use, such as coffee equipment and other coffee-related merchandise.

You can visit Rocanini Coffee Roasters and café at 127 West 5th Avenue in Vancouver. You can also find them online at and follow them on Twitter @ROCANINI

By: Richard Wolak

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