Eating a Local Dinner

Happy Planet Soups & Vancouver Pie Hole

Eating great locally made products is something that is important for our local economy. We have so many food producers in the Vancouver area, here are a couple of companies who have sent me some of their products which made for the perfect lunch and dinner.

I have never been too fond of savoury pies, that was until I tried the Chicken Carbonara Pie made by Vancouver Pie Hole. This pie was a meal unto itself full of chicken breast, onion, bacon and peas in a creamy alfredo sauce inside a delicious pie crust. This local company makes many savoury pies as well as dessert pies, since they don’t have a storefront you can find some of their pies at The Mighty Oak, Norton Commons and Nourish Market, or tweet them @pieholevan

Happy Planet which started out making juices ventured in to soups awhile back, I tried some of the different kinds over the few months, and my favourites are the Somerset Garden Pea and the Tuscan Tomato Soup.

Their Somerset Garden Pea is made with fresh peas and cream, with a hint of fragrant mint, evoking the taste of springtime in an English garden. Happy Planet’s soups are available in the refrigerated sections of grocery stores all over Vancouver. All Happy Planet soups contain natural ingredients and are gluten free. You can follow them on twitter @TeamHappyPlanet

Vancouver is fortunate to have many local producers of great food products to make a delicious lunch or dinner!

By: Richard Wolak

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