The BEST Deep Fried Pickles

Fried pickles are a snack food found commonly in the American South. It is made by deep-frying a sliced battered dill pickle. I was on a quest to find the Best Deep Fried Pickles in Vancouver.

Note: The prices indicated exclude tax.

In ranking order, these are are the Best Deep Fried Pickles in Vancouver:


1)     Tap & Barrel — FIRST  PLACE

Tap & Barrel

My take: Outstanding pickles that hold up to the crunch on their own and once battered they are even more delicious. Served with their sour cream dill dip.

Price: $5

Cuisine: Comfort Food

On the regular menu: Yes

Location: 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver

Twitter: @tapandbarrel



2)    The Rumpus Room – SECOND  PLACE

The Rumpus Room

My take: Golden brown battered pickles with great flavour. Served with their homemade tartar sauce;

Price: $6

Cuisine: Comfort Food

On the regular menu: Yes

Location: 2689 Main Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @RumpusRoomMain



3)       Dunn’s Famous – THIRD PLACE

Dunn’s Famous

My take: Taste great even though it tasted as if there was more batter than pickle. Served with there homemade  sauce.

Price: $3.99

Cuisine: Jewish style deli

On the regular menu: Yes

Location: 827 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @DunnsFamousBC



4)       Stackhouse Burgers – FOURTH PLACE

Stackhouse Burger Bar

My take: Different type of dish, unique and quite tasty. The best aioli dipping sauce from the choices on offer is the Truffle by far.

Price: $7.00

Cuisine: Burgers

On the regular menu: Yes

Location: 1224 Granville Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @StackhouseBB



Note: I know there are more restaurants around the Vancouver area that have Deep Fried Pickles and I was unable to get to all of them on this quest.

Which Deep Fried Pickles are your favourite from a restaurant around Vancouver or in the suburbs?

Feel free to add your comment here and name the place and their location, the cost of each excluding tax and why you think they are the best!

By: Richard Wolak


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