Tasting Plates Vancouver

On February 15th we presented the first Tasting Plates Vancouver event that showcased 11 restaurants, cafes, bakeries & food trucks in 11  locations all over downtown Vancouver including Gastown, Yaletown, Downtown and the Westend.

Tasting Plates Registration

The evening began at W2 Media Cafe on 111 West Hastings where guests registered and picked up their Tasting Plates Cards and then dispersed to the various participating restaurants to taste a multitude of dishes representing many different types of cuisine that included savoury and sweet!

Zach (l) & Ryan (r) owners of the Juice Truck

Leonadis Chocolate Café

W2 Media Cafe

Sarb -owner of Soho Road

Footo Delights

Chef Adrian at Notturno Paninoteca

William - owner of WE. Coffee

Weldon - owner of Cosca Restaurant

Bonchaz Cafe

Cupcakes Denman

Participating restaurants included: Notturno Paninoteca, Cosca Restaurant, Bonchaz , Footo Delights, W2 Media Cafe (along with partners: Salt Spring Coffee and more), Leonadis Chocolate Café, WE. Coffee, Juice Truck, Soho Road and Cupcakes on Denman.

Riaz Meghji, Meena Mann & Ryan West

Sid & Joan Cross

Jeremy Szafron, Alexandra Staseson & Andy Chu

Guests including food lovers from all over the lower mainland including many of my media friends mingled and made their way around to the different eateries during the evening.

Macarons at Leonadis Chocolate Café

W2 Media Cafe

Bruschetta at Notturno Paninoteca

Cosca Restaurant

Butter Chicken Naan at Soho Road

Waffles and Ice Cream at WE. Coffee

Strawberry Trifle at WE. Coffee

Smoothies at the Juice Truck

Bonchaz Buns

The restaurants presented many unique and tasty dishes to guests to eat and drink throughout the evening.

Chef William Tse (l), Richard Wolak (m), Chef Alex Tung (r)

MC - Meena Mann

Chef William Tse (l), James Coleridge, Chef Alex Tung & Chef Tina Fineza

Maestro James Coleridge (l), Chef Alex Tung, & Chef Tina Fineza

The After Party that was held at the W2 Media Cafe Performance Centre featured our MC– Meena Mann who introduced and moderated a panel featuring four of Vancouver’s leading chefs and experts that included: Chef Alex Tung of Yowza Culinary, Gelato Master James Coleridge of Bella Gelateria, Chef Tina Fineza of Service Exccellence and  Chef William Tse of The Sandbar.

Soho Road

Cosca Restaurant

Notturno Paninoteca

Soho Road

WE. Coffee

Thank you to our four official photographers for capturing the night so well: Ian Sheh, Georgia Esporlas, Alvin Grado and Miriam Kleingeltink

Tweets of the night 

@kcclaveria: My fave from #TastingPlatesYVR! RT @foodologyca: Leonidas: Waffles, HotChocolate vsb.li/Nk958l“- will defnitly go!

Rob Hakesley @Ask_Rob

Thanks for the oven fresh multi flavor packed croissants at#TastingPlatesYVR @FootoDelights yfrog.com/odvn0arj

Daily Slif @dailyslif

@leonidaschocola EVERYONE raved about you guys! Fantastic service, organization and delicacies! #TastingPlatesYVR

RyanWest . L-Precise @ryanwestphoto

@reallyjoeleary: Kudos to @vanfoodster for a great#TastingPlatesYVR event!!!” agreed!

Linda Palermo @lindastylzz

@vanfoodster great #tastingplatesYVR last night, amazing event.. Congrats on another successful event..

@plifinancial What an amazing talk from James Coleridge from @BellaGelateria here at #TastingplatesYVR

Nick @VancityBeerGuy

Had a very cool night thanks to @FoodWineFinder! Got to check out the #TastingplatesYVR after party that @vanfoodster hosted.

Kevin Mak @definium_kevin

great event at #tastingplatesyvr hosted by my foodie friend@vanfoodster while filling my belly w @DavidJAbbey … good times great food!

Sean @YVRBCbro

@vanfoodster @maryinvancity yes totally,lots of great eats last night#TastingPlatesYVR

Nadine Wu @scootfoodie

@CupcakesDenman I had Blue Hawaii and Lemon! Loved them both!#TastingPlatesYVR

Raul Pacheco @hummingbird604

.@vanfoodster @CathyBrowne @DianneChow @goodlifevan @mywinepal It was a pleasure! I heard #TastingPlatesYVR trended until the wee morning?!

Meena Mann @MeenaMann

@juicetruck@MeenaMann great job emceeing #TastingPlatesYVRlast night!” Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you had a good time.

Thor Diakow @thordiakow

BIG thanks to @vanfoodster for organizing last night’s delicious Tasting Plates event! #TastingPlatesYVR

Bee Vancity @BeeVancity

@LeonidasChocola Thank you for the amazing chocolate + the best service of the night. You guys rocked it! #TastingPlatesYVR

Jennifer Thomson @jtradiogal

@vanfoodster – Thanks for putting on #TastingPlatesYVR. We had a great time! My tummy thanks you too!

Maxwell Chew @Maxwell250

@juicetruck I enjoyed The Almost Chocolate!! It’s chocolatey guuuud!#TastingPlatesYVR

elainajoy @elainajoy

Thanks to @vanfoodster for creating tonight’s tasting party. It was fun to hit the streets for eats. #TastingPlatesYVRpic.twitter.com/t9qwAGGw

PLI Financial @plifinancial

Thank you @vanfoodster for another unique and refreshing event. Very glad I was there. Can’t wait until Tasting Plates 2#Tastingplatesyvr

Ariane Colenbrander @arianecdesign

Good times last night at @W2MediaCafe #TastingPlatesYVRafterparty. DJ gets my vote! Thx again @vanfoodster for a great event!

The Juice Truck @juicetruck

Big thanks to @vanfoodster for putting on #TastingPlatesYVR & to everyone that came out! We had an awesome time serving everyone smoothies!

By: Richard Wolak

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