Field Trip to Squamish

“FieldTrips” is either a day trip or a few days where I visit food areas of interest which may include farm visits, producers, wineries, restaurants and/or other places that people can visit. This is about offering Vancouver Foodster readers a chance to get out of town and take a “Field Trip” for the day or a few days to explore, learn, taste and experience.

Field Trip to Squamish 

A couple of weeks ago I rented a Zip Car from Zip Car Vancouver and drove about 45 minutes NW from Vancouver to Squamish to visit Howe Sound Brewery. At first Leslie Fenn (co-owner) toured me around their restaurant, pub, into the kitchen to meet the chefs and had their brewmaster Franco Corno give me a tour of their brewery.

Brendan Cook (l), Leslie Fenn (m), Franco Corno (r)

They offer brewery tours to the public and this is one that I suggest you take the next time you are planning to visit this area.

In 1996, John Mitchell helped design the Howe Sound Brewery and worked as their first brewer developing their initial recipes.  Known as the “grandfather of micro-brewing in Canada”, they are proud of his ongoing relationship with their brewery.  Today they continue to brew in the craft style using unfiltered 100% barley mash.  They have been brewing a diverse selection of flavorful, well-balanced ales under the current Brewmaster Franco Corno who has been with them for the past 10 years.


Brendan Cook - Sous Chef

I then sat down in their restaurant to sample my way through several of their food specialties off their menu guided with a little bit of help from their Sous Chef Brendan Cook.


Brew Pub Salad

Beer Braised Wings with rail ale bbq sauce

Ale Cheddar Soup

Rib Eye Steak with rail ale jus


Apple Ale Pie with Ice Cream

These are just a few selections off their extensive brewpub and restaurant menu.

Here are a few things to know when planning your visit:

Howe Sound Brewery, Restaurant & Brewpub

37801 Cleveland Ave.

Squamish, BC

Telephone: 1-604-892-2603


Twitter: @howesoundbeer


Zip Car Vancouver


Twitter: @ZipcarVancouver

Telephone: 1-866-4ZIPCAR


Stay tuned for my next Field Trip outside of Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak

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