Field Trip to Langley

“FieldTrips” is either a day trip or a few days where I visit food areas of interest which may include farm visits, producers, wineries, restaurants and/or other places that people can visit. This is about offering Vancouver Foodster readers a chance to get out of town and take a “Field Trip” for the day or a few days to explore, learn, taste and experience.

Field Trip to Langley celebrating all things local.

Sandee (l) and Alf (m) Krause

This August, I spent the day with a visit to Langley and had my friend Nikki who is a teacher at a local high school join me. She also shares a passion for great food, on this journey we headed East on Highway 1 driving to Langley from Vancouver. After a 45 minute drive we arrived at Krause Berry Farms. This first stop, Krause Berry Farms, a family owned working farm that is owned by Sandee and Alf Krause. We were here to spend a good part of the day partaking in all sorts of food related activities. Krause Berry Farms has been in business for the past 38 years and has 200 acres of farm land located in the heart of Langley, BC.

Alf Krause (r) touring us around the farm

Alf Krause toured us around the farm passing the corn fields, strawberries, blueberries, and other vegetables that they grow.

Corn Fields


We stopped and picked our own blueberries as we travelled around the farm on our way to meet Sandee for a tour of the market.


We met up with our host Sandee Krause for a tour of the market where we had a first-hand look at all of their unique products from jams to vinegars to soap all made with their farm grown berries.

Berries in the market

Berry Custard Pies

The kitchen runs 24 hrs/day and staff are busy making pies, shortcakes, pizzas, breads and more day into the night and night into the day. –The Market is open ‘til Thanksgiving (pumpkin pies are a big season for them), they are open at Christmas and have a large area in the market for product baskets. They make about 400 pies per weekend and about half of those are pre-ordered. One thing that I thought was quite unique was their Pie Safe to keep pre-ordered pies under lock and key.

The Porch Restaurant:

We had lunch on the patio at The Porch Restaurant enjoying some of their popular corn pizza, blueberry & strawberry milkshakes along with blueberry shortcake with vanilla soft ice cream for dessert. Nikki and I even got a chance to spend time with their ice cream maker who showed us how they make their own berry ice cream.

Nikki (l), Richard (m) & Ice cream maker (r)


Public tours are available, call them or visit their website for details.

Krause Berry Farm

6179 248 Street

Langley, BC

(604) 856-5757


Just down the road is J.D. Turkey Farms where we visited their market store and sampled some of their turkey slices and pepperoni sticks.

You will find a wide variety of turkey products, including Debbie’s famous homemade fresh and smoked JD Farms turkey sausages.

JD Farms Bistro & Store


JD Farms Bistro & Store

24726 – 52nd Avenue, Langley, BC

(Corner of 248th Street and 52nd Avenue).

Tel:  604-856-2431


After a 15 minute drive, our third stop brought us to the Domaine de Chaberton Estate Winery in South Langley.

We had a tour around the winery starting off inside the store and then walked around the beautiful vineyards and to the barrel cave and then to the bottling ending back at the store to taste some of their wines.

Wine Store


Barrel Cave


Wine Tasting

Public tours and wine tasting is available, call them or visit their website for details.

Domaine de Chaberton Estate Winery

1064 – 216th Street,

Langley, BC



After the wine tasting we walked a few steps to the Bacchus Bistro for dinner, the restaurant is part of Domaine de Chaberton Estate Winery.

Both lunch and dinner are served here, reservations are suggested and you can call them or visit them online.

Sauteed Prawns "a'L'Andolouse"

Braised Boneless Short Ribs

Strawberry Upside Down Cake

Bacchus Bistro

1064 – 216th Street

Langley, BC 



Stay tuned for my next Field Trip outside of Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak

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