915 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-681-9334

Web: www.pizzeriafarina.com

Twitter: @pizzeriafarina

Advice: Don’t share, you may be tempted to share a pizza with friends but my advice is that it is a perfect size for you. Do share the space at the communal table. Take-out available. Water –tap on the right is still, tap on the left is sparkling. Open Wednesday – Sunday.

It is rare that I visit a new restaurant within two days of opening, I made an exception to the rule tonight cause I love pizza and I am pizza obsessed. The room is small, simple and has all the right elements to become a neighbourhood hot spot for pizza to eat-in at the long communal sharing table or to take-out. One wall is filled with bottles of their Rosemary infused Olive-Oil and their Chili infused Olive-Oil which is for sale along with the jars of sauce that you will find on the opposite wall. The menu is simple they have pizza, specializing in Northern Italian style, with a crust that is light and crispy.

Funghi Pizza

I had the Funghi Pizza ($13) topped with big cloves of garlic, arugula, mozzarella and mushrooms along with a glass of water, simple and ever so good. Some would say it is all in the dough, and I am going to have to agree, their dough takes 3 days to make, obviously there is a secret to this dough to making the perfect pizza, go, visit and you be the judge!

Review By: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6A, Canada

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