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Kashk-e Bademjan

Mast-o Moosir & Mast-o Khiar


A group of my friends and their friends had dinner last week at Cazba, where our Persian friend Shahab lead us on a tasting journey of Persian delight and what a delight it was. We ordered all the appetizers to share, beginning with the delicious Kashk-e Bademjan ($3.95) deep fried eggplant, served with pita bread; Mast-o Moosir ($2.95) yogurt with shallots; and Mast-o Khiar ($2.95) yogurt with cucumber. Shahab had wanted me to try the Doogh ($1) a salty like cold beverage, so I ordered it and well in the end it wasn’t to my liking.



Chelo Kbob Koobideh

Chelo Kabob Barg


Ghormeh Sabzi

For our main courses, we each had our own dish and tasted some of the others when they weren’t looking. These entrees were large and very good, I had the Fesenjoon ($9.95) pomegranate sauce with walnut and chicken along with a large plate of rice. Shahab had the Chelo Kbob Koobideh ($6.95) two skewers of ground beef, served with rice and tomato. Jay had the Chelo Kabob Barg ($8.95) one skewer of beef steak with rice and tomato. Our other friends had the Chengeh ($8.95) chunks of beef with rice and tomato; and the Ghormeh Sabzi ($6.95) herbs mixed with beef, served with a plate of rice.

Persian Ice Cream

Persian Tea

The dessert selection was limited, I had to try some so I had the Persian Ice Cream ($2.95) a bowl of Safron ice cream and one of our friends at the Bamiyeh ($2.95) small balls almost like Gulab Jamun that you would find in an Indian restaurant. To finish our meal we each had a glass of Persian Tea ($1) I was impressed, after waiting for over 45 minutes for a table, the food was well worth the long wait.

Review by: Richard Wolak

132 West 16th Street, North Vancouver

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