428 Carrall Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-5882


Twitter: @calabashbistro

Advice: Nominal charge of $1 for the dipping sauces. The best place to sit would be downstairs if space permits.

Coco Bun

Vegetarian Curry

Fried Coconut Dumplings

Loved the vibe and the Caribbean flavours in the food and the music, my friend Noam and I had a late night dinner recently and as much as we both loved the food, it seemed as the kitchen was running on Caribbean time. Despite the slowness in our dishes arriving to the table, once the food did arrive each dish was delicious and flavourful. We both shared the outstanding Coco Bun ($10) with Fried Fish (Snapper was the fish that night) with salad; the spicy Vegetarian Curry ($10) in roti with salad and a side of fried Coconut Dumplings ($4) which needed a sauce for accompaniment, we asked our server what would be best and he said he would bring us some Jamaican Ketchup, it sounded interesting and tasted great and was the perfect pairing with the coconut dumplings. The roti is some of the best I have eaten on the west coast, made fresh in-house. The restaurant is on two levels, upstairs you have a great view into the kitchen and you are close to the bar, downstairs is more secluded with a larger bar. The menu is all about the flavours and you are going to love it, from salads to patties to mains, everything is house-made and you’ll want to check out the Jerk Board for the fish of the day, each of the Jerk dishes are made with the chef’s own Jerk-spice. The next time I am in I must try the Seafood Curry!

Review by: Richard Wolak

Photo Credit: Noam Dehan

428 Carrall Street, Vancouver

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