What is your favourite thirst quencher drink on a hot day?

I posted this question on Twitter and here are the answers by our Twitter friends and followers:

i_on_food_drink Pimm’s & sparkling lemonade

herrohachi a fruity slush like strw/mango bubbletea!

chengsophia Watermelon slush, lemonade and water!

cbjerrisgaard Soda and bitters or soda and lime. Also a nice Berliner Weisse if in the mood for a 3%-4% ABV drink.

theunreserved Lemonade. Or ice cold beer.

lynseybrothers San Pellegrino Limonata!! Had one on Sat after a toasty seawall walk

itsmeyoony fav thirst quencher is definitely cold korean roasted corn and barley tea!

alex_dobson aside from beer or a mojito you can’t go past iced tea.

dhgvancouver I have to go with a big pint of @whistlerbrewing lager, always refreshing

granvillemag Iced green tea, carbonated lemonade or icy cold beer

jmyu Rhubarb orange spritzer or passionfruit icedtea from thomas haas!

greaterv granvillemag: Iced green tea, carbonated lemonade or icy cold beer

kittsinthecouv Easy one: vodka soda with tons of lemon. Hard one: Hemmingway’s: gin, soda, coconut syrup, lime, bitters.

PR4Science no contest – best thirst quencher is a Woody’s Pink Grapefruit cooler. Absolutely refreshing and not too sweet

pawspix http://bit.ly/a4lCg3 Roasted barley tea.

cactusclubcafe Our new Sangria! http://ht.ly/1Limm

mywinepal I enjoy a tall glass of red sangria.

TaraCiecko My favorite summer #drink is the LOLA at #Lift.

pivopublichouse A Cold Beer!

GerryJobe Pimms/Ginger, Cucumber slices…ahhhh! The ULTIMATE refreshment.

Would you like to contribute to our list? Tell us what your favourite thirst quenching drink is on a hot day.


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