Chat with the Founders of Legendary Noodle

Papa Li & Mama Li

I recently sat down with Papa Li and Mama Li, the owners of Legendary Noodle at 4191 Main Street to talk about their noodles as this is what they are known for in Vancouver.

Tell me about your dough

The dough for the noodles and the onion pancakes is the same, it is all in the texture of hand preparation in how the final result of the dishes are different.

Where in China are these noodles from?

Lanzo is the famous central place.

Have you changed the recipe of your noodles since you started your business years ago?

Our recipe for the noodles is the same, nothing has changed.

Did you have a background in restaurants when you opened your noodle shop in Vancouver?

We took lessons when we lived in China on noodle making in anticipation of opening a restaurant in Vancouver after settling here.

What is the dough made of?

Flour, water and salt

Who makes the dough at the restaurant?

For many years our son Brock would come in at 4am every day and spend 4 hours making the dough, before he opened the Denman location of Legendary Noodles he trained our chef to make the noodles. Brock makes the noodles in his own restaurant in the West end.

By: Richard Wolak

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