2062 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel:  604-879-2600

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Advice: Order one of the authentic specialties if this is your first time.

Tortilla chips




Tamarind drink

I was fortunate to have one of my friends be my guide into this authentic Salavadorian eating experience as he is from El Salvador. I took his lead and we ordered the Tortilla chips with Guacamole ($5), since this was my first Pupusas experience, I was delighted with the delicious and inexpensive Pupusas ($2.75 each – I had 3) frijoles y quezo — bean and cheese served with a spicy red sauce for dipping. We also ordered the Curtido ($1) a tasty Spanish coleslaw, and we both had the Tamarind drink ($2).

Platanos Fritos


For dessert we had the Platanos Fritos ($4) although this would have been better being a side dish with the savouries, we also had the Semita ($2) as the owner insisted that I try it.

The menu features many of the different Mexican and El Salvadoran specialties, in a very homey place where the service is as genuine as it would be if you were dining in El Salvador.

Review by: Richard Wolak

2062 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

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