Culinary Treats at the Olympics House of Switzerland

Chef Louke & Chef Beda

I met Chef Beda Zengg yesterday at House of Switzerland where he cooked up some of his culinary delights from Switzerland for me to taste. We are fortunate to have some fine Swiss Chefs in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics and the House of Switzerland is the place to go to eat and drink. I’ve travelled to Switzerland long ago and I was yearning to try some of their dishes here in Vancouver.

Grisons Cold Cuts with Cheese and Pickles

Cheese Shaving Wheel

To start off my Swiss meal, I was served a plate of their Grisons Cold Cuts with Cheese and Pickles I was curious about the cheese swirl in the middle of the plate and how that was done, Chef Beda explained that this special cheese which is from Switzerland is sliced on a special cheese slicer (you can purchase the cheese slicer at Les Amis du Fromage in Vancouver).

Sourdough Bread Cubes

Swiss Cheese Fondue

The next dish was the Swiss Cheese Fondue, this arrived in a pot to my table with a basket of sourdough bread cubes and the special fondue forks for dipping and swirling. I was served a cup of hot peppermint tea as a hot beverage is best for digestion when eating a fondue. You may also drink a glass of white wine or Kirsch with your fondue.

Lindt Chocolate Creations

To end my meal, I had the Lindt Chocolate Creations it is a plate of 3 individual desserts a white chocolate frozen parfait, two colour chocolate mousse and a chocolate cake with passion fruit filling. This was served with a Nespresso shot of Espresso which was a fine ending to my Swiss meal.

The House of Switzerland at Bridges Restaurant and Bistro is serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner now thru the end of the Olympics, their complete menu with the Swiss menu selections can be seen here and you can make a reservation by calling them at 604-687-4400.

By: Richard Wolak

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