Las Tortas 8.26.09 003

3353 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-569-1402


Advice: Taking it to go, do yourself a favour and call ahead

Milanesa Chicken Sandwich and Potato Chips

Milanesa Chicken Sandwich and Potato Chips

Milanesa Chicken Sandwich

Milanesa Chicken Sandwich

With a line-up out the door at this gourmet Mexican sandwich shop I knew that I had to try it. I had no idea what a Mexican sandwich was and how it differed from a regular sandwich. After eating one of these delicious sandwiches, I now know the difference. First of all it is the bread, a special type of bread/roll ‘Torta’ originating from Mexico, then it is the type of toppings added to the sandwiches that make them ever so special and tasty. They have an intriguing menu of sandwiches that you haven’t seen in Vancouver yet. I ordered the “Milanesa” ($8.75) breaded chicken breast fillet, tomato, cabbage, pickled onions, jalapenos, guacamole, and refried beans (it also comes with butter and mayo, but I skipped those 2 toppings). I ran into my friend Marcus, who happens to be a restauranter and we dined together, he ordered the same sandwich and some of their homemade potato chips ($2) which I tried and enjoyed. To drink I had a Tamarind Aguas Frescas ($2). Many items on the menu are tempting and next time I will try the Vegetarian. You order these sandwiches by taking a marker and an empty brown bag and mark which sandwich you want to order and what you want or don’t want on the sandwich, add your name etc, then you take it to the cashier (clever way of making sure they make exactly what you ordered). They make their own soups, actually everything is homemade from the bread to the guacamole to the desserts. I only wish that I had room after the sandwich to try both of their desserts as both the Tres Leches cake and the Mexican Brownie looked good.

Review by: Richard Wolak

3353 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

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