Cardero Bottega


1016 Cardero Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-689-0450


Advice: Don’t be afraid to change the toppings if they are not on the sandwich you choose.

Hidden away in the Westend is a sandwich shop that I had heard about, and it was a must visit on my list. The reality is unless you live in the neighborhood and have your own parking space there is no parking to be had here unless you create your own parking spot like I did. It is easily accessible by bicylcle, walking or fairly easy by bus and a short walk from Denman or Davie. Cardero Bottega has a small selection of sandwiches, all with unique names and great toppings, I decided to get one of their house creations with a few modifications and this was just so delicious and so fresh. I ordered the Monte Twisto Sandwich ($7) turkey, swiss cheese and this is where I made some changes, I skipped the 2 toppings that usually comes with this sandwich and added marinated peppers and grainy mustard on the portugese bun. For only $7 this was the tastiest and most affordable sandwich I have had in Vancouver in quite sometime.

Some of the other sandwiches have names such as The Lord Stanley, Jimmy The Greek and Fat Tony. There also a couple of hot sandwiches as well a coffee menu. Additionally they sell fresh and dried pasta, some packaged foods and cold drinks.

Go forth and seek out this spot, you won’t be disappointed.

Review by: Richard Wolak

1016 Cardero Street, Vancouver, BC

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