Cafe Medina

UPDATED 8/11/14 BUSINESS HAS CLOSED (relocated to Richards Street)

556 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-879-3114

Twitter: @CafeMedina

Advice: They don’t take reservations and they don’t have wireless

This is a café kind of restaurant that serves awesome sandwiches. Located next door to Chambar, the café is the daytime place to indulge, featuring homemade Belgian Liege-style waffles available plain or with any one of 8 gourmet toppings. I had their house special which was a waffle with the dark chocolate topping and an espresso machiatto for $6 which was devine. Other intriguing toppings include fig orange marmalade, lavender milk chocolate, organic maple syrup to name a few. The sandwiches are in the mid to high range as far as prices go, but they are a good size and you won’t be hungry afterwards. Coffee from 49th Parallel, teas, smoothies, baklava, granola, fresh fruit round out the menu.

Have a seat in front of the classic wooden bar on one of the stools or at a table aside the exposed brick walls backdrop. Magazines and Newspapers for your reading pleasure, or bring your own notebook while enjoying all that Café Medina has to offer.

Review by: Richard Wolak

556 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC

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