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Tasting Natural Wines at Burdock & Co

After their recent Platinum award for Wine Program Excellence at the Vancouver International Wine Festival, Burdock & Co has decided to celebrate the season. This Spring they are featuring their selection of orange and pink wines only, with a fresh…

First Taste of Royal Dinette

I had a taste of the food and drink at a preview dinner last night which was an impressive fete orchestrated by notable Chef David Gunawan. His new restaurant offers Downtown Vancouver a true farm-to-table feast for the senses with…


1541 W 6th Ave, Vancouver Tel: 604-336-2456 Web: http://www.grapesandsoda.ca Twitter: @grapesandsoda Advice: No reservations. Open Wednesday – Sunday. Continuing the journey that Chef David Gunawan and Dara Young started with their next door eatery, The Farmers Apprentice. The progression here…

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