Tasting Modern Korean Cuisine at Jess’ Restaurant

It has been a few years since Jess’ Restaurant opened, the restaurant is now focussing on Modern Korean cuisine with various fusion elements at this fine dining restaurant in the heart of Kerrisdale. I love the décor with beautiful booth seating and all the lights throughout.

My friends and I enjoyed tasting through many of their new dishes and these are the ones that we tried.

The Pork Jowel featured tender, juicy meat with grilled napa cabbage, perilla leaf, sweet soy sauce, tomato marinate, chilli, black olive salt, and gochujang hazelnut. The Soy Marinate Abalone was a pretty dish that featured garlic cream, crispy tomato cracker, fermented radish, and  cucumber pearl. The Roots Kimchi Salad featured vegetable roots, burrata, buckwheat, basil oil, and cucumber cracker. The Yuk Hwey Beef Tartar is a popular and tasty dish made of beef, pear, shallot, chives, pickled radish, tartar sauce, lotus root, and pecorino.

Much like most of the other Korean restaurants, side dishes are always a prevalent part of a meal. Here they offer one selection of Four Korean Side Dishes, and they are Kimchi, Seasoned tofu, Spicy daikon and zucchini.

For a stunning and very unique take on a dish with subtly Korean influence is the Chickpea Tofu with plum garlic cream sauce, beet tuile, soy cracker, and shallot gel. The Galbi-Jjim Braised Short Ribs was a tasty dish with braised short-ribs, date, chestnut apple purée, and seasonal vegetables.

The Rack of Lamb was a delicious dish with New Zealand Tongho crusted lamb, parsnip puree, kabocha puree, gochujang glaze, lamb jus, and pickled mushroom.

The menu features a couple of different hot stone bowls, we had the Sot Bab, Hot Stone Rice Bowl with Abalone and Scallops with Zucchini, daikon, carrots, garlic stems, vegetable stock, green onion, date, and chestnut.

They feature a small selection of desserts and we tried two. The Yakgwa Korean Honey Cookie which I loved with Yakgwa, vanilla ice cream, and soybean crumble.

We also tried the Soy Bean Mousse with soybean crumble, orange curd, ginger pecan ice cream, and yogurt foam.

Jess Restaurant and Bar is a fresh and vibrant dining location with an evolving and unique Korean spirits & wine list, producing some of the most inventive, celebrated cuisine. The restaurant is located at 2179 W 41st Ave in Vancouver. You can follow them on Instagram @jessrestaurants

By: Richard Wolak


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