Touring Raincity Distillery

I recently I toured, Squamish based distillery with it’s co-founder and head distiller Alex Mumm. His business partner is Johnny Xu.

Alex told me all about the intricacies of opening a distillery and how he learned the distilling process first hand.

Produced using traditional artisanal methods, every drop of Raincity liquor is produced in-house from start to finish. To ensure the highest quality of their spirits, they use organic BC-grown grain and local ingredients. They stay away from neutral cheap grain that larger distillers like to use to stay price competitive. They limit our production to less than 50,000 litres per year so they can make spirits with flavour and aroma with perfectionism and attention to detail.

They are an unusual gin distillery with an uncommon process of producing their own Vodka to turn into Gin so that no part of the production process gets outsourced.

One of their stand out products is their Barrel Aged Gin which I had tasted in 2022 at Whistler Cornucopia.

Their tasting room which is open to the public features a fully stocked cocktail bar where they offer all sorts of cocktails as well as a selection of zero-proof cocktails; I had one of those enjoying a Pina Colada mocktail. They also offer a selection of dumplings for purchase to go with their tasting flights and cocktails.

Raincity Distillery is located at 38918 Progress Way #8 in Squamish. The tasting room and cocktail bar is open to the public. You can follow them on Instagram @raincitydistillery

By: Richard Wolak