Experiencing Shanghainese Dishes at Z & W Shanghai Kitchen

Take yourself on a culinary journey to the Shanghai region of China in Kitsilano. I had the pleasure to taste my way through a selection of dishes on the menu at this established restaurant on Broadway in Kitsilano. They are a family-owned restaurant that proudly serves authentic Shanghainese food.

1st dish:

Black Tiger Shrimp with wasabi cream, such an interesting and tasty dish and it is a new one on the menu.

2nd dish:

Xiaongbao served with Shangainese vinegar that’s imported from Shanghai, perfectly made and cooked soup dumplings, the owners explained that this is a special type of vinegar eaten with these dumplings back home and they import the vinegar to create and authentic experience.

3rd dish:

Veggie Spring Rolls

4th dish:

Lamb Hot Pot with fermented bean curd, this a Shanghainese specialty that is only featured between December and February.

5th dish:

Eggplant with Yuxiang Sauce, tender and flavourful eggplant with a tasty sauce.

Chef Zhang

As they make everything in house from scratch, you may see Chef Zhang or one of his other chefs making their Scallion Pancakes in the window from inside the restaurant.

Z & W Shanghai Kitchen is located at 2126 W Broadway in Vancouver. You can make dining reservations or call for takeout here at (604) 423-2999 and follow them on instagram @z_and_w_shanghaikitchen

By: Richard Wolak