509 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 358-0566


Instagram @sabafoodsvancity

Advice: Reservations for larger groups suggested, walk-ins welcome.

Specializing in Yemini cuisine, this restaurant is located in Chinatown and serves 100% Halal meats and almost everything is house-made.

We started off with their Hummus with pita and the delicious Lentil Soup with a wedge of lime for squeezing. As it is all about meat here, we had a meat platter with both the Haneeth and the Mandi Roast Lamb, and the Haneeth and the Mandi Roast Chicken served on their fluffy rice with their Yemen hot sauce.

The Ful was hearty and tasty (fava bean stew) served in a stone bowl; along with a refreshing House Salad.

The Halal AAA Angus Steak with baked potato and asparagus is their newest dish and it was outstanding; we also had the tasty grilled Bbq chicken served with pita, charred onion, tomatoes; and this all went well with the Yemeni style Lime juice.

For dessert we had their Selection of Baklava with some hot tea along with their house speciality Cheese Kunafa and the Cream Kunafa.

This is a gem worth visiting and it is the only Yemeni restaurant in the city!

Review by: Richard Wolak