In Praise of Veg

This new cookbook by Alice Zaslavsky is the ultimate cookbook for vegetable lovers and it features more than 150 recipes within its 450 pages, innovative recipes for meals of all kinds. In Praise of Veg book was just released by publisher Appetite by Random House.

Each chapter offers a kaleidoscope of recipes with a spreadsheet of cooking options and times depending on reader’s prep time availability. An accessible entry point and reference guide for cooks of all levels to find the best recipes that work with their time, budget and diet.

I love the section towards the front of the book “The Vegetable Matrix” as this will be most helpful to cooks wishing to explore the many recipes in this book. It will also serve as a guide to options when cooking many of the vegetables. I also love the “Seasonal Index” towards the end of the book which features a seasonal guide to which vegetables are at their peak.

Uniquely organized by color, this book is filled with countless flavor combinations, rule-of-thumb methods to buy, store, and cook vegetables, recipe shortcuts and tips, and wisdom from more than 50 of the world’s top chefs. In Praise of Veg will help beginners and avid cooks alike turn daily vegetables into easy and delicious meals.

I made a couple of recipes, the “Feel-Good Nachos” on page 466-467.

I also made the “Classic Caramelized Balsamic Arugula & Pear Salad” on page 340.

You can get the cookbooks online from Amazon and other bookstores throughout the country.

By: Richard Wolak