New Dishes Tasting at Caffe La Tana

It’s all about home-made pasta daily where Chef Vish Mayekar is now running the kitchen and making creative pastas with two different features each week. It had been awhile since I last dined inside at Caffe La Tana and this visit gave me a chance to enjoy their wonderful ambience with some delicious Italian dishes and treats.

1st dish:

Farro & Chickpea Salad

Italian dressing, pickled chili, capers, salsa Verde, roasted pumpkin seeds

2nd dish:

Sundried tomato & Ricotta Tortelli

Artichoke and caper sauce, toasted walnut, shaved Asiago; delicious dish.

3rd dish:

Two-Tone Pappardelle

Pistachio mint pesto, arugula, Buratta, lemon oil; loved the naturally colored pasta in the delicious pesto.

4th dish:

Mexican chocolate Bombolene, Vanilla and black pepper Bombolene and a Cortado

Caffe La Tana is located at 636 Commercial Drive in Vancouver. You can phone them at (604) 428-5462.

By: Richard Wolak

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