First Taste of Uncle’s Snack Shop

Named after one of the partner’s uncle’s (Uncle John), this fun eatery is specializing in Asian snacks with a twist offering up salads, wings, sandwiches, drinks and more.

They have seating both inside and outside, as well offer their items for takeout.

Owned by partners Patrick Do (he also owns the Do Chay Vegetarian restaurants), and Osric Chau (Actor, Producer and Writer, known for his acting role on Supernatural).

Pom Pomelo Salad
Saigon Wings
Uncle’s Chicken katsu Sandwich
Shake-Shake Tots
Chicken Skin Chickarron
Watermelon Oolong Drink

I have tried several items here including the delicious Pom Pomelo Salad (Pomelo, pickled watermelon rind, jicama, mint, mini cucumbers, spicy tamarind) and Saigon Wings; I have also had the tasty Uncle’s Chicken Katsu Sandwich, Cold Street Noodles, Shake-Shake Tots, Chicken Skin Chickarron; and the refreshing Watermelon Oolong Drink.

Uncle’s Snack Shop is located at 8180 Westminster Highway in Richmond. You can follow them on Instagram @unclessnackshop

By: Richard Wolak


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