First Taste of La Loteria

Specializing in Mexican Street Food, the eatery opened on Granville in Downtown Vancouver a few months ago. The restaurant is owned by Yonathan Delgado Lopez and a partner who wanted to bring the food that he grew up eating to Vancouver.

La Loteria, the name of la Loteria comes from the famous Mexican “bingo” game. The game is composed of “boards” with different characters instead of numbers in the regular bingo. When a person wins in the game, he/she would yell “Loteria!”. La Loteria Mexican Street Food is looking to commemorate that traditional game and use it as a representative of the Mexican culture and identification.

They are featuring there unique and authentic cuisine options: tamales, tostadas and tortas. La Loteria serves the typical food that you can find in Monterrey city streets here, on the busy streets of Vancouver. They are bringing those unique flavours that can transport you to the North of Mexico and delight your taste buds.

Over a couple of visits I have tried these items.

La Siberiana (Shredded Chicken) which I loved with a Crispy corn tortilla, topped with guacamole, shredded chicken, and sour cream.; also loved the tasty Chicken Tinga Tamale corn dough filled with chicken, wrapped and steamed in a corn husk served with salsa.

Tacos with Refried beans, Chicken tinga and Chicken breast; also loved the Queso con Roja Tamales

Arroz con Leche (rice pudding) was one of the tasty desserts.

La Loteria is located at 1011 Granville Street in downtown Vancouver. You can follow them on Instagram @laloteria.vancouver

By: Richard Wolak


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