Leavenly Goods Tasting at Home

Racel founded her company in April 2020 after a career in the IT industry and a dream to change careers, she had the idea to open her own baking company in the fall of 2019; as things lined-up her timing was ideal, opening her online bakery business and baking out of Coho Commissary in East Vancouver just after the pandemic was in full swing; she hasn’t looked back as business has been great, she has a good selection of croissants, babka, buns along with her native Pan des al and Spanish bread.

I tried several of items from her baked goods collection including:

Chocolate Walnut Babka was delicious with a beautiful layered swirl of chocolate and walnuts throughout this cakey bread.

Ube Swirl Babka another version of the babka, made with their house-made ube jam, swirled throughout the cakey bread.

Garlic bun, loved this savoury bun.

Pan de Sal, popular Filipino bun.

Ube Pan de Sal, loved this version of the popular Filipino bun that was filled with ube.

Spanish bread, popular Filipino bun that is buttery and sugared.

Pepperoni and Cheese croissant thats filled with tasty spicy pepperoni and cheese, great flavour combination.

Ube Croissant, layers of flakey croissant filled with their tasty ube jam.

Pain au Chocolate, traditional filled with chocolate.

Double Baked Almond Croissant, filled with delicious almond franzipan. and topped with almonds.

Pistachio Roll, more like a danish, topped with chocolate and pistachios.

Leavenly Goods takes preorders throughout the week and they deliver throughout greater Vancouver. Follow them on instagram @leavenlygoods

By: Richard Wolak

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