Cooking with the Tap and Barrel Pizza Party Take & Make Kit

Continuing with my home cooking adventures during the covid19 pandemic, had some fun trying out one of the new Take and Make meal kits that Tap and Barrel restaurants recently launched.

This Pizza Party Take & Make Kit gave me a chance to practice and learn how to make a proper round pizza from a ready-to-stretch dough ball. Each kit comes with all the pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to make 3 of their popular pizzas which were the Margherita, Local Wild Mushroom, and the Hot Honey Calabrese pizzas, delicious Dinner for Two plus leftovers for us to enjoy the next day! #TAPtakeandmake

Richard Wolak aka @vanfoodster

The first pizza that I made was the Margherita, after going through the steps listed on the recipe and watching their pizza making video, I then worked on flattening the dough, stretching it in the air, and shaping it into a round circle to fit the pizza pan.

The next step was to add the toppings and these pre-portioned ingredients had the steps layed out to follow with ease. Ingredients were grana padano, fresh mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, fresh basil, and the ready-to-stretch dough ball.

The final step was to lightly brush the olive oil around the edges. The pizza then bakes for 9-10 min at 500 F.

The 2nd pizza was the Local Wild Mushroom which followed a similar process to flattening and shaping the dough.

The ingredients for this pizza were a foraged mushroom blend, mozzarella, truffle arugula, roasted garlic cream sauce, and ready-to-stretch dough ball.

After this pizza finished baking, the final step was to add the arugula, truffle oil drizzle and a dash of salt.

The 3rd and last pizza I made was the Hot Honey Calabrese pizza, and this was one that featured a couple different meats.

The ingredients for this pizza were calabrese salami, bacon, fresh mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, and spicy honey.

Pizza Party Take & Make Kits for Takeout can be ordered online at and you can choose to pickup from their Vancouver or North Vancouver locations. You can also order delivery through Skip the Dishes.

By: Richard Wolak

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