5077 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 428-4421

Web: https://www.kozakeatery.ca/

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Advice: No reservations, eat-in or take-out.



Lunch combo plate


With it’s focus on Ukrainian dishes and baking, Irina and Sergiy are serving up homestyle food that they grew up eating in the Ukraine. As my family is from Poland, there are similarities in the cooking and I am so happy to have discovered Kozak. Over a few visits since opening, I have tried much of their menu from the delicious hearty Goulash (beef and carrot stew) that’s served with a with slice of bread; to their Borsch, it’s a beet soup with beans; and their Chicken Soup which had a delicious chicken broth, vegetables, chicken and dumplings. I’ve also enjoyed their Lunch combo plate which included a small bowl of borsch, two pieces of varenyky, two cabbage rolls, and one nalysnyky, along with a slice of bread. I also loved the savoury Varenyky (pierogies), these were filled with potato and onion and topped with caramelized onions served with sour cream.

Sour Cherry Varaneky


I have had the delicious Sour Cherry Varaneky, this is a classic Ukrainian dish which is filled with sour cherries and is served with more cherries and sour cream; along with the Syrnyky (cottage cheese pancakes) which could either be your dessert or breakfast.

Chocolate Babka loaves


The bakery also produces a large selection of sweets including the delicious Chocolate Babka that’s baked off in loaves and also offered by the slice; then there is the tasty Cinnamon Rolls, Rugelach, Poppyseed Roll, Caramel Wafers, Apple Strudel, and the Oreshki (cookes filled with condensed milk that look like chestnuts).

Flour mill

Another feature of their bakery is that they now they have the space to mill their own flours for their own bread baking and they just started doing this recently, they are also selling bags of their flours to their customers. Fresh milled flour makes the breads taste so much better, I have tried their Dark rye bread which I loved along with their Challah and most recently the Cranberry walnut loaf.

You will also find refrigerated and frozen cases filled with a selection of soups and other prepared foods to take home as well as a full espresso beverage line-up and other beverages. Once to have discovered Kozak I am sure it will become one of your favourite spots on the East side.

Review by: Richard Wolak

5077 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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