First Taste of Brass Fish Tavern

This new spot on the edge of Coal Harbour in downtown’s financial district comes to us from the Donnelly Group and it’s not the type of eatery you may have expected to come from this group; this one is elevated both in the food and ambiance. It’s a tavern that plays host to an izakaya and stylish parlour room located inside of Vancouver’s iconic Marine Building on Burrard. This tavern features two levels of seating along with a modern pub menu that includes classic and contemporary dishes as well as a considered bar program best enjoyed over happy hour and live music.

Chef Clement Chan

Upstairs seating

Chef Clement Chan has set up a wonderful menu of dishes many of which are the types one would enjoy in a tavern that would go well with a beer or cocktail.

Avocado Crunch

Beetroot Salad

Shishito Peppers

I have tried several dishes here including the Avocado Crunch togarashi, tentsuyu (addictive snack); Beetroot Salad with pickled mushrooms, watercress, hazelnuts, ricotta; the Shishito Peppers which I loved with lemon butter, miso aioli, pine nuts, parmesan.

Pumpkin & Burrata Bowl

Brussel Sprouts

Both the Pumpkin & Burrata Bowl with quinoa, arugula, beets, spiced pumpkin seeds, miso dressing; and the Brussel Sprouts with balsamic glaze, almond, chorizo streusel were standouts.

Cauliflower & Broccoli

Zuka Tuna

Loved the romesco sauce component in the Cauliflower & Broccoli dish that came with charred brassica, and crispy capers; I also love the Zuka Tuna (off the Izakaya menu by Chef Kevin Wong) with tuna mayo, jalapeno, toasted nori, shallots, avocado.


Steelhead Salmon

Lamb Shank

The Sablefish 6oz, sake kasu, grape tomatoes, brussels sprouts, confit fennel, orecchiette, nduja vinaigrette was outstanding; I also enjoyed the Steelhead Salmon apple, celery, goat cheddar, candied walnuts, ginger balsamic dressing; and the Lamb Shank served with French beans, charred carrots, roasted celeriac, risotto.

Chocolate hazelnut bar

As there was only one dessert on the menu at the time of my visit, this is what we had tried, the Chocolate hazelnut bar salted caramel ice cream, black sesame tuile, hope to see them add a couple more dessert offerings going forward.

Honeyed Negroni

On the drinks side of things, they offer a large selection of cocktails including this tasty version of a negroni, the Honeyed Negroni with ungava gin, campari, honey, beeswax sweet vermouth, orange zest.


Garden & Artisanal

They also offer several Zero-proof cocktails including the Wheeler with angostura bitters, soda, lemon zest; and the Garden & Artisanal dry tonic seedlip garden 108, sparkmouth artisanal dry tonic, lemon wheel, thyme, rosemary.

Brass Fish Tavern is located at 385 Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver — instagram @brassfishtavern

By: Richard Wolak

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