First Taste of Afuri Ramen and Dumpling

Afuri Ramen and Dumpling

Tokyo based ramen joint’s first Canadian location is now open in Richmond and it’s a beauty. All their ramen noodles and gyoza are made in-house daily; all of their broths are made in-house with no msg. The company now has 21 restaurants world-wide, and this is the first one for the Franchisee for the Metro Vancouver area with a couple more locations to follow in Vancouver and beyond.

Chicken broth for the ramen

house-made noodles for ramen

Their menu showcases their ramen, Signature Yuzu Shio Ramen, along with Yuzu Shoyu, Yuzu Ratan, Tonkotsu Tantanmen, Tonkotsu Shio, a vegan Hazelnut tantanmen, and a Tsukemen in both Yuzu and Spicy versions. They also offer their Gohan (rice dishes), as well as their steamed and crispy gyoza dishes, steamed buns and more. On the drinks side they have a full bar featuring cocktails along house-made ginger ale and a refreshing yuzu limeade.

Ordering is done via the kiosk, a clever designed computer system where the customer orders their own food from the computer with visual representation allowing for add-ons and removal of ingredients; you then add your table number and pay for your order. Servers will then deliver the food and drink to your table.

Ginger Ale

Tonkatsu Shio Ramen

Hazelnut Tantanmen

Yuzu Limeade

Buta Gyoza


Soft Shell Crab Bun

Tantanmen Gohan

Kakuni Pork Bun

I tried several of their dishes and drinks which included the homemade Ginger Ale, Tonkatsu Shio Ramen, along with Yuzu Shoyu,  a delicious vegan Hazelnut Tantanmen; plus the  refreshing Yuzu Limeade; and several of their other dishes including the Buta Gyoza, Karaage, Soft Shell Crab Bun, Tantanmen Gohan and Kakuni Pork Bun.

Afuri Ramen + Dumping is located at 140–7971 Alderbridge Way in Richmond. You can reach them by phone at (604) 306-3063 and follow them on Instagram @afuri_ramendumpling

By: Richard Wolak

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