1392 Kingsway, Vancouver

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Advice: Reservations suggested, walk-ins welcome.

Spring Rolls

XO Potstickers

Do Chay Dumplings

With it’s focus on Modern Vietnamese Vegetarian fare this humbled eatery is offering up delicious eats on the edge of the Little Saigon neighborhood in East Vancouver. I have visited a few times over the past months, trying many of their dishes. Loved their Spring Rolls –Crispy vegan spring rolls, green leaf lettuce and herbs for wrapping, with the nuoc cham chay for dipping. Both the XO Potstickers – hand wrapped potstickers with mushroom XO, cabbage, carrot. Served with sweet soy and sweet pea shoots; and the Do Chay Dumplings – snow pea and jicama steamed dumplings, coconut milk and nước chấm were very good.

Coconut Rice Cakes

Banh Xeo Crepe

The Coconut Rice Cakes – cast iron seared coconut milk rice cakes, cabbage, green onion and nước chấm; and the Banh Xeo Crepe – Turmeric crepe, sprouts, jicama, mushroom, fresh herbs and greens, nuroc cham were outstanding.

Sticky Rice Squash blossoms

Monsoon Rolls

Sticky Rice Squash blossoms with sticky rice was stuffed inside the squash blossoms then fried and served with a tasty sauce on the side; and the Monsoon Rolls filled with tofu and jicama with Pineapple chilli sauce were other popular favourites.

Seitan Calamari Lotus Salad

Black Truffle Tofu

Seitan Calamari Lotus Salad – fried seitan calamari, marinated cucumber, chili sesame oil, pickled lotus stem, peanut, cilantro, wood ear mushroom; and the Black Truffle Tofu with sweet soy sauce were both very unique dishes with surprising flavours that worked very well.

Black Garlic Eggplant

Vegan Pho

tempura veggies and herbs

The Black Garlic Eggplant was another delicious dish with braised eggplant, tofu, black garlic, and greens on clay pot rice.Lastly a must try is their Vegan Pho with noodles, Served with soba-style broccoli tempura, yo choy, avocado, and all the traditional pho fixins.

All the fare is vegetarian and much of the menu is also vegan offering up some healthy Vietnamese dishes that are ideal for sharing with friends. They also offer a creative menu of cocktails to match their food offerings. The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous with beautiful elements such as the hanging bird cages. This a gem for all vegetarians and non-vegetarians worthy of your visit.

Review by: Richard Wolak

1392 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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