144 East Broadway, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 423-3344


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Advice: No reservations.

The Garden


It is all about exquisite and creative desserts at this Mount Pleasant hot spot run by Chef Cody. Art on a plate is another way of describing her desserts, one of the favourites that I loved is The Garden which features cucumber slices wrapped around yogurt mousse, yuzu cremeux, raspberry powder, crostini. The delicious Mushroom is another work of art, with pâte à choux, milk chocolate chantilly, raspberry yuzu gel, and coconut whipped ganache.

Matcha Green Tea Tart

Earl Grey Opera

The style of the Matcha Green Tea Tart is quite different than the above desserts, this one is a matcha soufflé made to order served warm, with matcha micro sponge cake, matcha ice cream, served on a soil with meringue; and the other exquisite one that I had was the Earl Grey Opera with almond joconde, brown sugar buttercream, and earl grey chantilly cream.

Take your date or foodie friend and enjoy!

Review by: Richard Wolak

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