Pastries by Remi Ho of Remi Patisserie

Remi Ho is the talented and handsome pastry chef behind his own Remi Patisserie baking company. These days you have to be creative in how you run a pastry company in Vancouver, and he is on a roll doing what he does best. He now features his delicious baking at pop-ups around the city, every Wednesday and Friday from 1-6pm he is at Paragon Tea Room (2207 Cambie Street, Vancouver) and then on Sunday’s he is at Sweet Barrel (2729 Arbutus St, Vancouver).

I have been a fan of Remi’s baking ever since I met him at Origo Club where he was head Barista and Pastry Chef, that is where I came to appreciate his delicious treats. Last week I tried a wide selection of his baking at his pop-up at Paragon Tea Room. First of all the best thing to do is to follow his Instagram where you will see what he is making and where you can get it.

Kaya roll cake

Hojicha Flan

I loved the Kaya Roll Cake with mango and coconut whipped ganache which is one of his newest creations; I also loved the flavours of the Hojicha Flan.

Cloud Cake

Earl Grey Eclair

The Cloud Cake is a light and fluffy cake made with cheese; and the Earl Grey Eclair is creamy and heavenly and you are going to want to try both.

Matcha Raspberry Roll Cake

Mochi Mango and Vanilla strawberry flan

The Matcha Raspberry Roll Cake had a delicious raspberry centre and the flavour combo with the matcha was delicious; while the Mochi Mango had that chewy texture of mochi that we all love with mango hidden in the centre, and Vanilla strawberry flan also featured a almost hidden burst of the strawberry making for a decadent treat.

Banana Kinako

Lastly the Banana Kinako was Remi’s version of banana bread with roasted soy bean powder on top.

Keep your eye out for Remi’s seasonal additions along with his pastry pop-up’s around the city.

By: Richard Wolak

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