1148 Davie Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 423-3281



Advice: Walk-ins welcome, open daily.

Specializing in Mumbai style street food, the kitchen is run by creative Chef Tushar Tondvalkar who has created a menu of dishes that balance flavours with fragrant spices from the home country. The bar team has also created an inventive cocktail list to match the food. The wall mural by the owners wife is gigantic and so creative which matches the style of the dishes and drinks.

Chaat Dahl Puri

Pani Puri and Shev Puri

Gulabo cocktail

Chaat is widely known from this region as snacks and here the traditional snacks are done with a modern twist. I love the Chaat Dahl Puri, these hollow crackers stuffed with potato, onion, shev, tamarind and chili chutney, drizzled with yogurt and cilantro; followed by the Pani Puri mashed white peas stuffed in hollow crackers, served with sweet tangy pani; and the Shev Puri with amixture of potato, onion, shev and raw mango delicately placed on flat crackers, drizzled with tamarind and chili chutney. The Gulabo cocktail of gin, rose sysrup, egg white was the perfect match for pairing with these chaat.

Chicken Lollipops

Seekh Kebab

Utsab cocktail

Enjoyed a selection of street food appetizers sharing with my friend Zahra, starting off with the Chicken Lollipops on the plate, Chicken winglets served with schezwan chutney & cabbage slaw; along with the Seekh Kebab minced goat meat marinated in house spice blend, cooked on a charcoal grill served with mint yogurt chutney; these paired well with the Utsab cocktail with saffron cardomam infusion.

Masala Lamb Chops

Fish Aamti Sablefish

Kombadi Vade

Kombadi Vade

Next was the outstanding Masala Lamb Chops; a beautiful presentation of charcoal grilled lamb popsicle served with beetroot chutney. I also loved the Fish Aamti Sablefish, pan seared, cooked in tomato, traditional spices and kokum (citrus fruit) served with rice pancake; followed by the Kombadi Vade, a dish withcChicken cooked with coconut caramelized onion served with rice and vade (traditional bread).

Guava Kulfi



We enjoyed some of their sweet treats to end this fun meal. My favourite was the Guava Kulfi Guava Ice Cream on a stick, sprinkled with chili salt; followed by the traditional Falooda a colourful dessert made with Rose milk, with vermicelli and chia seeds, topped with dry fruits and vanilla ice cream; along with the Shrikhand Sweet hung yogurt, topped with dry fruits and mango.

This is a vibrant spot to enjoy some great food and drink in the evening as well as late night.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6E 1N1, Canada

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