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Advice: Open daily, counter service.

Mountain Mist tea

Hand Peeled Shrimp Matcha avocado and shredded nori Toast

Specializing in a proprietary line of premium, single-origin Chinese teas, husband-and-wife owners, Charlie Zhang and Sue Wang have selected two dozen of the finest black, white, green, oolong and pu’er teas representative of the best of a given region. Their name CHA Le tea means happy tea and that it is in this wonderful tea lounge/store in the heart of Yaletown. I have enjoyed a selection of teas and toasts here over past visits, such as the Mountain Mist tea that paired well with the Hand Peeled Shrimp Matcha avocado and shredded nori Toast add a touch of green tea to the avocado creating a delicious twist on a toast.

Roasted Iron Goddess of Mercy tea

Truffled Ricotta & Hazelnuts Toast

Lotus Pu’er

Chocolate Toast

The Roasted Iron Goddess of Mercy tea was a beautiful tea paired again with the Truffled Ricotta & Hazelnuts Toast with sundried tangerine & pu’er honey; and one other pairing that I enjoyed was the Lotus Pu’er with the indulgent Chocolate Toast. 

In addition to the selection of savoury and sweet toasts, there is quite a large collection of hot and cold teas, as well as tea lattes and kombucha to round out the offerings. As this also a retail store, a selection tea ware is available for purchase along with all of the dry teas.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6B 5P6, Canada

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