Food Glorious Food on CKNW

In early September 2016, I launched the Food Glorious Food podcast at which was then co-hosted by my friend Drex and myself, it was the first podcast of this kind that CKNW has hosted at This new show was added to feature more food news that I wasn’t able to cover on my weekly Best of the Foodiest segment which airs on the Steele and Drex show every Tuesday afternoon at 2:45pm, I have been hosting that segment for the past 3-1/2 years. Drex moved on from the podcast as he is very busy as the co-host of the Steele and Drex show weekday afternoons on CKNW; another foodie friend Zahra Alani joined in January 2017 to co-host the podcasts with me starting off with episode 13.

Food Glorious Food is a weekly podcast about food, drinks, and restaurants in and around Vancouver. Each week we talk about the latest on the local food scene, from chef changes, to restaurant closures, upcoming events, along with a restaurant feature to my food challenges as well as in depth feature on a few new restaurants.

Check out our latest episode 21 that aired last week, you can subscribe to the show and bookmark our weekly podcasts here. We launch a new podcast episode every Wednesday afternoon.

You can follow Zahra on her instagram here  and me on my instagram here for more of our food and drink that we taste prior to each of our weekly podcasts.

By: Richard Wolak

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