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Cocoru Chicken

Cocoru Chicken

On Wednesday April 13, we presented our 2nd tasting tour of the central Richmond area featuring a great selection of restaurants; centered on Number 3 Road and area from Bridgeport to Westminster Highway.

The Apron

Our Tasting Plate:

tasting plates richmond 1

Tuna poke with ponzu pearls, avocado crema, house made rice cracker

Ricotta ravioli, lamb shank, olive crumble, mint pea puree on a spoon


Executive Chef Robert Uy (right)


Our Tasting Cup:

Wall Vesper

tasting plates richmond 2

It was a cool evening in Richmond, attendees had a chance to explore the area, enjoy eats and drinks inside the restaurants throughout the night. They had a chance to meet many of the chefs, and servers as they showcased the best of what they do in Richmond.

Cocoru Chicken

Our Tasting Plate:

tasting plates richmond 5

tasting plates richmond 6

tasting plates richmond 7

Deep fried rice cake with Korean spicy sauce

Yangnyeom Chicken – Deep fried chicken coated in Korean traditional Yangnyeom sauce with peanuts and garlic flakes on top

Pa-Dak- Deep fried chicken in House special sauce with shredded green onion on top

Snowfall Chicken- Deep fried chicken with Béchamel sauce and Grana Padano cheese on top

With condiments: One plate of pickled radish and sweet potato crisps


Harold’s Bistro

Our Tasting Plate:

tasting plates richmond 4

Crab Cake with Chipotle Aioli and Corn Salsa

Chef Tim Vu

Chef Tim Vu

American Grille

Our Tasting Plate:

tasting plates richmond 3

Halibut with mango and pineapple salsa

Tuna ceviche

Chef Danilo Ibara

Chef Danilo Ibara

Pizza Garden

Our Tasting Plate:

tasting plates richmond 8

Two pizza slices from the selection featuring

Polo Eccellente


Margherita (vegetarian)

Ruchetta (vegetarian)


The restaurants featured many unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event. Join us at our next Tasting Plates event in the East Village neighborhood on May 18.

By: Richard Wolak

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