Chanukah Donuts

Chanukah is an 8 day Jewish holiday that celebrates the miracle of light it is a joyous festival of lights People celebrate by lighting the menorah, playing dreidel games, and eat festive foods. Of course there are the traditional festive foods such as the Potato Latkes, and Jelly Donuts.  This year the festival is celebrated December 6-14, 2014.


Lynda Steele (Host of the Lynda Steele Show on CKNW) and Richard Wolak (Vancouver Foodster founder)

I tried the @ikosherbake (Sufganiyot) donuts for the first time the other day with Lynda Steele as we talked about these delicious treats on The Best and The Foodiest on CKNW.



These donuts come in two flavours: Raspberry Jam (not jelly) and Bavarian Cream. They come in a box of 6 and the price is $6.75, available at the bakery inside the Real Canadian Superstore on 350 SE Marine Drive in Vancouver. The kosher bakery inside this Superstore location is run by baker Marat Dreyshner who is also the co-owner @ikosherbake

Leah Markovitch (owner)

Leah Markovitch (Solly’s Bagelry -owner)

At Solly’s Bagelry, owner Leah Markovitch inspects the donuts to perfection as her team of bakers start the process early each day making their donuts from scratch, theirs are filled with raspberry jelly and aren’t kosher.

Solly’s (3 locations) is located at 368 West 7th Avenue; 2873 West Broadway and 4071 Main Street. You can follow them on Twitter @SollysBagelry

Find more Sufganiyot (donuts for this holiday) at the following locations:


Maple Grill

1967 West Broadway

(604) 568-4885

Place your order in advance at


Naava Cuisine

950 West 41st Avenue





3844 Oak Street




5775 Oak Street


Twitter @Omnitskys


Cafe Forty One

5750 Oak Street

Tel: (604) 563-4141

Twitter @cafefortyone41



Garden City Bakery

9100 Blundell Road



Chanukah only comes once a year (yes, it does last eight days), whether you are Jewish or not, pick up some of these tasty donuts and enjoy!

By: Richard Wolak

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