Food and Got Craft? May 2 – 3


Handmade is the best kind of food, and Got Craft? has foodies covered for all of their cravings. Gourmet handmade butters by The Local ChurnGraveley & Sons’s cocktail infusion kits, and Le Meadow’s Pantry‘s old-world luscious jams and bold marmalades are just some of the new offerings that Got Craft? will be serving.

Got Craft? is Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair celebrating their 17th show at the Maritime Labour Centre from May 2-3, 2015.

Check out:

1Up Caramels snacks, reimagined. Our signature caramel candies are made fresh with ingredients you recognize and can pronounce. Their caramel popped grains are squares of toasty goodness in unique flavour combinations such as Sesame Genmaicha, Samoa, and Strawberry Cream—move over, rice cakes!

Coconama fresh handmade chocolate creations that are indulgence at its purest by La Chocolaterie.  Chocolate is famous for its sensual qualities: the richness, the fragrance, the harmony of bitterness and sweetness, and the melt-in-your-mouth smoothness.

East Van Jam is made with a 4:1 fruit to sugar ratio.  That’s 4 cups of REAL fruit (not juice from concentrate) to only 1 cup of sugar.  This means in every jar of jam, there is at least 1 cup of actual fruit.

Le Meadow’s Pantry is a small batch preserving company based in Vancouver that gets their inspiration from local fruits, honey, spices, sea salt, herbs and spirits.  All their preserves are made traditionally in small batches, 12 jars at a time in copper preserving pans. F

The Lemon Square a small slice of paradise. Handmade and all wrapped up just for you. They sell their product in two sizes, the original Lemon Square along with the Mini Share Pack.

Livia Sweets from Salted Caramel Hazelnut Brownies to Caramelized onion and White Cheddar Scones to Apple Jelly, all locally made.

The Local Churn small batch gourmet butter using local cream and local ingredients.

D.I.Y. lovers will have a great time making their own craft projects at the workshops on site.
Taking place Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, 2015 from 10am to 5pm at the Maritime Labour Centre at 1880 Triumph Street in Vancouver
Tickets are $3 at the door and free for children 10 & under, the place to me is Got Craft?
By: Richard Wolak

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