Chihuahua’s Mexican Grill Opening

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Last week I attended the opening party with my friends, Michelle, Katherine and Stephanie, the latest restaurant from the Cambie Malone’s Group, this restaurant is connected to their Malone’s Bar and Grille.

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Guests enjoyed a couple of different Margaritas, Mexican beer while sampling many of the taco variations off the menu, with loads of tortilla chips for dipping in their 4 housemade salsas.

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Executive Chef Peter Chun and his chefs team were busy preparing the tacos and such throughout the night to the packed house of guests.

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The restaurant offers tasting flights of Tequila on a wooden paddle that ranges in price from $11-$18 that comes with a palate cleanser called Verdita.

Chihuahua’s Mexican Grill is located at 515 Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver, you can follow them on twitter @chihuahuasmex

Thank you to our photographer Michelle Hondl for capturing the night so well.

By: Richard Wolak

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