Temper Chocolate and Pastry Holiday Preview


I visited Pastry Chef/Owner Steven Hodge for a holiday season preview to taste some of their newest chocolate and pastry creations.

Steven Hodge has gotten creative with his seasonal chocolate sculptures to capture the holidays and crafted a handful of playful edible characters.  New for Christmas are the Temper Reindeer, Temper Snowman and Temper-style ‘Grinch’ Tree all adorn with chocolates.  If you’re looking for a uniquely sweet gift, Temper has also created an exquisite dark chocolate box with lid that’s both filled and surrounded by assorted truffles and chocolates.

Eggnog Latte

Eggnog Latte

Enjoyed an Eggnog Latte one of the holiday season offerings that is made with their Stumptown Coffee.

Selection of Holiday treats

Selection of Holiday treats

I then indulged in some of these holiday treats, on the plate is the Walnut Brioche, Croatian plum kiflice, vanilla shortbread, chocolate orange cookies, walnut crescent cookies, chocolate almond biscotti, rum & eggnog truffles, and gingerbread truffles.

Temper has added a selection of seasonal truffles to their popular in-house assortment.  Bite into Gingerbread and Rum & Eggnog truffles (available for a limited time) and enjoy them individually or elegantly arranged in a gift-ready box complete with ribbon.

You may want to pick up a package of Temper’s own candied almond Rocher confections and stock up on stocking stuffers such as chocolate Candy-cane Bark, a chocolate Santa boot, brightly hued chocolate ornaments, individually packaged festive lollipops and mini ‘Salty Balls’ (which won Gold at the 2014 International Chocolate Awards.

Enjoy a few almond vanilla shortbread cookies, jam crescent rolls, Croatian plum kiflice, walnut crescent cookies, ginger cookies or Bûche de Noël.

Temper Chocolate Pastry is located at 2409 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, reach them by phone at 604.281.1152  and follow them on twitter and Instagram @Temperpastry

By: Richard Wolak

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