Palate Promenade: Granville Island Discoveries 2014

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On February 1, 2014 we presented our first ever Palate Promenade Tasting Tour which was also the first event we produced and presented with the Granville Island Merchants Association and Tourism Vancouver for their Dine Out Festival.  This new event was a super success for all who attended and participants had a chance to visit 10 Island merchants including restaurants, breweries, Canada’s only Sake winery, the only BC Craft Distillery handcrafting spirits from 100% BC organic grains, butchers, bakers and more.

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Dockside Restaurant and Brewing Company offered guests a tasting of their Made to Order Legendary Chili Squid along a tasting glass of one of their beers.

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Agro Café offered guests a choice of their Classic Espresso Drinks

AGRO’s Signature 5 Region Blend Espresso


-Espresso Macchiato

-Sm Americano

-Sm Latte

-Sm Cappucino

They also offered a choice of these 3 selections:

1)    Classic Shepard’s Pie

2)    Bacon Mornay Mac & Cheese

3)    Risotto

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Artisan Sake Maker offered guests a taster of their ‘Granville Island OSAKE – Junmai Nama-zake’ out of our ‘Sake-On-Tap system’. ‘Nama-zake’ means that sake is totally in its natural state: unfiltered and unpasteurized. They also served a sampler of R-ice Cream; their in-house made ice cream with SakeKasu (healthy, nutrient-rich fermented rice mash that remains after sake is pressed) and Nuka Cookies (made with rice-bran from 100% BC (Abbotsford) -grown organic rice).

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Liberty Distillery offered tours of its distillery along with a ‘tasting sample’ from a choice of ‘Truth’ Vodka OR ‘Railspur No 1 White (unaged whiskey).

granville island brewing 1

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Granville Island Brewing offered guests tours of their brewery along with a tasting round (flight) of 3 of their beers: Auld Skool Scottish Ale, Island Lager and Robson Street Hefeweizen. They also offered a food pairing of their Pulled Pork Poutine: golden fries topped with squeaky cheese curds and tender braised pulled pork in our Cypress Honey Lager BBQ sauce. Topped with green onion garnish.

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Liberty Wine Merchant offered guests tasting glasses of 2 BC wines

Nichol Syrah 2011

Nichol 9 Mile White 2011

bread affair 1

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Bread Affair offered guests a serving of 2 dips with an assortment of breads. The dips were a chevre dip with pistachio and chive and a roasted pecan and cranberry dip.

public market 1

Inside the Public Market, there were 3 island merchants taking part in Palate Promenade.

jacksons 1

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Jackson’s Poultry offered guests  sample of their signature Chicken wing, and their in-house turkey Finochio sausage.

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Oyama Sausage offered guests a piece of terrine de campagne at the bottom, a slice of cornichon in the middle and a slice of saucisson sec on top.

chocolatas 1

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ChocolaTas offered guests a package of 3 of their house-made chocolates.

Thank you to our photographer Alvin Lee for capturing the brunch event so well (see more of his photos here).

See more photos here from Dianne Chow.

By: Richard Wolak

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