Vancouver Foodster’s 2nd Annual Barista, Waiter, Cocktail-Maker Awards

While we’re more than happy to test out a new spot (or several) every now and then, everyone has their regular places they go back to time and time again.

What incites this loyalty? Sure, the food might be great, and the coffee’s good, or it’s just down the street, but we think one of the biggest factors that keeps people coming back is service.

That’s why, here at Vancouver Foodster, we’ve decided it’s high time we recognized and celebrated our favourite baristas, waiters, and, you guessed it, cocktail-makers!

We want to know the best of the best in the service industry – who makes the best coffee? Is the friendliest? Makes the best cocktail? Who is the best server in all of your favourite restaurants?

No one is off limits – male, female, young, or, not-so-young, in the city or suburbs. Whoever the person is that keeps you coming back is who we want.

See last years winners! This is why this is now an annual recognition event!

This is how it will work:

Nominate your favourite Barista, Waiter, Cocktail-Maker and submit to us by Wednesday,  January 1, 2014.

You have three weeks to nominate (Yes, you can nominate more than once!). If you are a barista, waiter or cocktail-maker, make sure you nominate yourself and get all your friends to nominate you as well!

The person who has the highest number of nominations in each award category wins. We crown the best barista, best waiter, and best cocktail-maker in our fair city, on January 6th.

What are you waiting for?

Nominate as many different people as you like!



Award Categories: Best Barista;  Best Waiter and Best Cocktail-Maker

Nominations are now closed!

Everyone who participates by submitting their favourite barista, waiter and cocktail-maker will be entered to win a hospitality package worth over $300 (featuring gift certificates to a selection of eateries around the city), which will be randomly drawn on January 6th.

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