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Burrard & Pender, Vancouver

Tel:  (604) 336-1803


Twitter: @ViaTeverePizza

Advice: Monday to Friday lunch. Follow them on twitter for updated opening times.

Vegetarian Caprese Neapolitan Saltimbocca

Vegetarian Caprese Neapolitan Saltimbocca

It’s no secret that I love pizza and equally love Via Tevere’s pizzeria in East Van. This past summer they took their wood oven experience to the street with their own wood burning oven food truck that doesn’t sell Pizza. You may be surprised to know they have moved on to the sandwich movement and created a Neapolitan Saltimbocca, a wood fire sandwich where they are using their outstanding crust and offering Italian style fillings.  I had the delicious Vegetarian Caprese Neapolitan Saltimbocca ($7.50) filled with tomatoes, fior di latte, fresh basil, arugula, and basil mayo.  There wood fired oven is in the back of the truck, it is a classic wood fired pizza oven that burns at 900 degrees, giving the crust a slightly charred appearance and giving the sandwiches a slightly smoky flavour.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Bentall Tower 1, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada

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