2150 Fir Street, Vancouver

Tel:  (604) 732-4222


Twitter: @beaucoupbakery

Advice: Go early as some of the pastries sell out within minutes.

From the get go, even before the bakery café had opened, I was a fan of Jackie Ellis and her divine creations. She started offering her delicious baked goods at the farmers markets around the city to tempt us all. Temptation is the beginning, passion is the game, and being unique is what drives a bakery/café.

On the plate: Cheese Croissant (back), Pine Nut Praline Croissant (front) & Bostok (right)

On the plate: Tropical Scone (back) and Kouign Amann (front)

I have been to the café a couple of times already with my friend Chris Fellbaum and on my own.  Chris and I savoured our way through a selection of baked goods and sweets that included the delicious Bostok a square piece of brioche dipped in orange flower syrup and topped with almond frangipane; a perfectly flakey Cheese Croissant that was filled with cheese and the Pine Nut Praline Croissant which is probably the best nutty croissant that I have ever had and I have had many in my travels. We also tried the outstanding Tropical Scone made with coconut, pineapple, and mango and the buttery rich Kouign Amann with vanilla maldon salt.

On the Plate: Le bi bi (top left), Pain Au Chocolate (top right) and Cheese & Green Onion Scone (bottom)

Caramel Éclair

The Cheese & Green Onion Scone was moist and loaded with cheesy goodness and the very rich Le bi bi is a round brioche soaked in rose water syrup with orange scented frangipane was an addiction inspiring pastry that’s going to have you in heaven after just one bite. The Pain Au Chocolate is as good as the best one you have ever had and if you love this simple pleasure you are going to be living in this café. I have also tried the outstanding Caramel Éclair.


Espresso Macchiato

The café also features an espresso bar on my visit with Chris he had a Latte and I had my usual Espresso Macchiato.

You will find a diy ‘do it yourself’ chalkboard on the side well where you can add your inspiring answer to it, each week they ask a question, then photo all the answers which are to be added to their website gallery. The café is very small, go early to attempt to find a seat, get ready to stand in the fairly fast moving lineup which will tempt you to never end!

Review By: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6J 3B5, Canada

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