1509 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver

Tel: 604-733-2231

Web: http://heirloomrestaurant.ca/

Twitter: @HeirloomVeg

Advice: This is a restaurant to dine with a friend or more friends, not ideal for eating solo unless you are seated at the bar. Sharing is key here.


One can always tell when a kitchen has passionate chefs by the care and imagination they have put into creating a menu full of goodness and flavours. Imagination is not only key, being creative with the ingredients, flavours and such makes the dish and is part of the over-all experience. This hit home with me and my friend Peter who visited for dinner recently, the room has a great vibe, it’s bright, has unique art adorning the walls and is well layed out from the large bar to the communal table in the dining room. The menu is filled with vegan and vegetarian options which is indicated in the description of each dish this is quite helpful if you lean towards a particular way of eating. We started with the delish Dips ($14) – beetroot, sunflower seed tapenade, lentil pecan homous, vegetables with sangak chips with sheeps feta cheese.

Swiss Chard Salad

Kale Salad

Blackbean Molasses and Coco Chili

We then shared the outstanding Swiss Chard Salad ($10) swiss chard, lime satay vinaigrette, hemp heart tahini, pickled peanuts along with the delicious Kale Salad ($10) full of delicious flavours and the smoked salt added good flavour. The next dish was one of their daily specials and it was so good, the Blackbean Molasses and Coco Chili ($17) with brown basmati rice, cashew cilantro cream fresh lime and tortillas.

Chocolate Vegan Cake

To finish of the meal we opted for a taster of their Chocolate Vegan Cake ($12 for regular sized portion) which was the perfect finish to a fab meal. I am looking forward to trying out brunch next time around with a group of my friends.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6J 2E1, Canada

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