Jean-Sébastien Dupuis and his Cocktails

Jean-Sébastien Dupuis is the Bar Manager for Tableau Bar Bistro located in The Loden Hotel in Vancouver, where he has been mixing drinks since 2011.

I asked Jean-Sébastien to create a few of his signature cocktails at Tableau Bar Bistro, here they are along with the ingredients and preparation.

Up first is La Strangiato

Jean-Sébastien Dupuis making La Strangiato


1-1/2 oz Gin

¾ oz Amaro Montenegro

1 oz dubonet red

¾ oz Lemon juice

¾ oz raw sugar syrup


1)    Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker.

2)    Add ice then shake

3)    Double strain into a tall glass

4)    Add splash of soda and ice

5)    Garnish thin slice of orange

La Strangiato

The next cocktail he made was the The Globe Trotter

Jean-Sebastien making The Globe Trotter


1-1/2 oz Bourbon

¾ oz Cynar (artichoke bitters)

½ oz Campari

1/3 oz raw sugar syrup

2 dashes Black Walnut Bitters


1)    Put all ingredients in a mixing glass

2)    Stir and strain

3)    Add ice

4)    Add fat piece of orange twist

The Globe Trotter

For his 3rd cocktail, he made Le Tropical

Jean-Sebastien making Le Tropical


1 oz white rum

½ oz green chartreuse

2 dashes fernet branca

½ oz mango juice

½ oz lemon juice

½ oz passionfruit syrup


1)    Mix all ingredients in cocktail shaker

2)    Add ice and shake

3)    Double strain into short rocksglass

4)    Add ice

5)    Garnish with 3 large mint leaves

Le Tropical

Tableau Bar Bistro  is located at 1181 Melville Street in Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak

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