26 Powell St., Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-1350


Twitter: n/a

Advice: Go early or expect to wait.


Patatas Bravas


Pollo Moruna

Finally a restaurant that reminds me of my visits to Barcelona, the end game here is to find a seat and be swept away by the delicious flavours of each dish. I shared a few dishes with my friend Cassandra, we had the outstanding Albondigas ($10) Meatballs cooked in tomato and Rioja; and the delicious Patatas Bravas ($5) Roasted fingerling potatoes, garlic aioli and tomato. An order of the Pan ($2.5) Terra breads sourdough was a must to use to soak up the wonderful sauce in the Pollo Moruna ($10) Chicken cooked with Moorish spices.

The two desserts on offer looked divine and that is another reason for me to visit again. You will also find a beverage menu filled with Spanish beer, sherry, wine and brandy on the list.

Review By: Richard Wolak