Poutine Challenge 2012 Winners

The first Annual Vancouver Foodster Poutine Challenge was a huge success featuring 29 poutine from 29 restaurants around Vancouver, North Vancouver and Richmond. Each restaurant featured their poutine from April 11-30th, and then the public voted between April 30th – May 6th. The poutine dishes ranged from the traditional to non-traditional.

The Winners are:

1st Place: Hidden Tasting Bar for their Butter Poached Lobster Poutine

Hidden Tasting Bar - Butter Poached Lobster Poutine

Created by Head Chef Matthew Richmond

433 Robson Street in The Westin Grand, Vancouver

Tel: 604.647.2521

Twitter: @HiddenVancouver

2nd Place: Society Restaurant for their Ultimate Poutine Supreme

Society Restaurant - Ultimate Poutine Supreme

Created by Chef Alfred Contiga who is on twitter @AlfredContiga

1257 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-629-8800

Twitter: @Glowbal_Group #society

3rd Place: The District for their The Full English Breakfast Poutine

The District - The Full English Breakfast Poutine

Created by Chef Kenny Kyle who is on twitter @kennynotkyle

13 Lonsdale Avenue  North Vancouver

Tel: (778) 338-4938

Twitter: @districtsocial

4th Place: Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar for their Rogue Poutine Trio

Rogue Kitchen - Rogue Poutine Trio

Created by Chef Cory Chapman

601 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604.678.8000

Twitter: @roguewetbar

Honorable Mention:

Out of the 29 Poutine there were 4 restaurants featuring their Traditional and the first place winner from the Traditional poutine goes to Tableau Bar Bistro.

Thank you to all the chefs and restaurants that accepted my invitation and featured their poutine on the menu for the past few weeks during this challenge.

I encourage you to visit the winning restaurants to try their poutine!

Looking forward to the 2nd annual Poutine Challenge next year where I challenge chefs and their restaurants to concoct more exciting poutine dishes!

By: Richard Wolak

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