780 Thurlow Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-685-6436


Twitter: @cafeilnido

Advice: Pastas are available as half size just ask your server.





Hidden off of Robson, tucked into the courtyard this long time restaurant has been serving customers for over 23 years, I had my first sit down meal recently with a friend to taste some of their notable dishes. To begin we shared the Carpaccio ($18) thin sliced beef tenderloin, capers, lemon, arugula, padano cheese, dijon peppercorn dressing followed by the Caprese ($14) Creamy mozzarella, sundried tomatoes pesto, virgin olive oil, fresh basil. Next was the wonderful Asparaci ($9) grilled asparagus w/ roasted cherry tomatoes, lemon dressing and chilli oil and the last of the starter dishes, the outstanding Capesante ($15) Scallops on a bed of sweet potato mash and cilantro pesto.





For our mains we decided to order half servings of each of 4 pasta dishes and started with the delicious Gnocchi ($8 for half, $16 for full) sweet potato gnocchi, broccolini, bocconcini in cherry tomato sauce; and the Agnelotti ($11 for half, $22 for full) Lobster stuffed ravioli in white wine scallion cherry tomato butter and baby shrimp; and the delicious Bolognese ($9 for half, $18 for full) Tagliatelle egg noodles tossed in a veal and beef bolognese sauce; and finally the outstanding Tubetti ($8 for half, $16 for full) penne w/ grilled artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and light broccoli pesto.

Vanilla Gelato

Blood Orange Sorbet

For dessert I had a simple house-made bowl of Vanilla Gelato ($8) and my friend had a bowl of the Blood Orange Sorbet ($8). The décor was warm and inviting and the service was impeccable.

Review By: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6E 1V8, Canada

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